Halifax, Nova Scotia (Bi Chick) (sweeettfriday) wrote in not_getting_any,
Halifax, Nova Scotia (Bi Chick)

This is driving me nuts.

I hope this is right commuity to post this in.

OK I am sending this out to the void of the net, I would like to ask all of the guy out there a question: “If your woman (girlfriend), was always kind of macking or feeling you up. Would you not love that would you not Love your woman going down on you all the time.... would you not like that?”
Well my BF never wants to have sex. Maybe if I am lucky I get once a week if that.
I like just getting him off to make me feel sexy and hot. in the hope he will want to fuck me and well he never wants me to do any of it...
I am going nuts... if he would let me I would give him blow jobs and fuck his brains out ever other day is that to much.

and tonight I could of killed him he got home  from work and well told me he wanted me (which has never happened before) and it turned me on like crazy, but we had plans all after noon and evening and well we made out just before we headed out to the movie and that was great and had I know that he would not want to have sex when we got home because he would be to tired I would not of wanted to go out I would of rather stayed home and has sex.  I was kissing him and he stopped and he was asleep I almost freaked.
Instead i got out of bed and took my vibrator, I am so mad right now

Guy tell me what you think do you think I want sex to much or do you think I should lay off my man.

Friday. ^S^

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