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i'm new here...

so, first off i'm probably the youngest here. i'm 16. me and my boyfriend have been dating for a year and a half. i lost my virginity to him, as him to me. e first had sex when we had only been going out for maybe 3 or 4 months. i think maybe a week or two before christmas last year, we were having sex and i was on top. i got off of him, and the condom came off of him, and stayed in me. we were both freaked out because we werent sure if it had came off while he was going in and out of me..and that he might have came in me. but nothing happened, so i thought we could forget about it..but because of that we havent done it in 14 months. i'm very deprived, and need sex bad. but he is too afraid that something like that might happen again. i'm trying to give him hints that i want to, and he knows that i do but he just won't. we're done everything that we can to fool around. ( we have even tried anal) but he won't just fuck me, and that makes me angry. any ideas that you guys have for me, to let my man that its okay that we start having sex again?
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give him head!
The thing is that the condom was just a little too big or you guys left the condom on too long. Take your man to a store that sells individual condoms (local kinky shops normally do), grab one of each of all the different types of condoms and find the one that fits him the best.

When he cums in the condom just switch condoms and it will save you the hassle of having one slip off every now and again. I suggest spermicidal condoms.

My blogs will be about these types of things, I will explore many different aspects of pleasure and sexuality. My experiences hopefully will help you and everyone else out.