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I can get it if I wanted it i know i would have no problem with that but the problem is I'm in a relationship. My boyfriend attends a college in north cali and I'm in college in south cali. I want to be completely truthful and faithful to my baby so I'm not messing around on him. I've never messed around a bf but for some reason these days the tempation is getting harder. It's funny when your not with anyone the opposite sex pursue you at a moderate rate then once your taken they pursue you in a crazy frenzy. There's been a couple times when I've had make out sessions and intense dancing dry fucking with other guys but i've never done it with anyone beside my baby and unfortunately it's his fault. He makes love and fucks so good he had me wanting more when he left after his visit to see me. If it's this horrible to me I only imagine how intense it's got to be for him cause he's a feign for my kitty. ugh i got to supress the urges for a couple more weeks till i see him... this is effin torture. 
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