Éponine Thénardier/Fantine Reincarnated (jade_faith) wrote in not_getting_any,
Éponine Thénardier/Fantine Reincarnated

I'm new here to this community and I haven't gotten since March 2006. It seems like a lifetime ago. My libido has increased since then and it's only getting harder. All I have are my hands, my purple ribbed vibrator, and pr0n. It's even harder when you're into unconventional sex (i.e. BDSM). My personal beliefs are the only thing that's holding me out. I promised myself ever since my ONS in March 2006 that I would never give myself to someone who I didn't love. Looks like my hormones are defeating that original plan. It's times like these that I wish prostitution was legal. The cobwebs are starting to build up on my thighs. If I go any longer without nookie my vah-jay-jay's gonna heal up! Arrrggghhhh!
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