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I think i fit right in with this group. After reading most of the entries, i recognize i'm not the only fool in town.See, i've been married for 5 years and it's progressively getting worse.We're down to maybe once every month, at least 45 days apart from my count, and yes i've been keeping track for about three years now.In her defense, she's been on meds now since just after we married, for manic depressives, bipolar, and some other issues i can't even spell. I love her tremendously,but the intimate side of her is gone.I've put out a number of clues as to what i'm looking for but so far no luck. Discretion is really important. All i really would like is to have someone in the same boat as i'm in and not want any commitments. I had a Vasectomy a long time ago, so pregnancy is not an issue.I know there are alot of people that think i'm really rude and wrong for this but i've tried every solution you could think of, short of a divorce. But i'm really happy with her in every single(DOMESTIC)way. I guess i'm just afraid to see things change. 1 hour ago
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